EMP Retail Payments Solutions provides outsourced credit and payments services to retailers and consumer finance companies looking to rid themselves of the complexity and cost of managing end-to-end payments systems, whilst expediting time-to-market and accessing industry best practice expertise and technology.

EMP Retail Payments Solutions enables rapid, cost-effective entry to new markets, at low risk, with a single, scalable platform. Reduced exposure to large-scale capital outlays means greater financial flexibility, allowing Clients to focus on innovation and business growth. New products can quickly be brought to market, with resources and scalability on demand to deliver real competitive advantage in today’s fast moving consumer finance landscape.

  • Solicitation: Targeting the right prospective customers with the right offers for the right products
  • Scoring: Scoring of applications to support risk policies and enable instant account approval
  • Authorisations: 24x7 authorisation of purchases and transactions provides balance between usage and risk
  • Statements: Providing activity statements for payment and as a means for regular communication with customers
  • Customer service: Service enquiries and disputes with efficient work-flow based processes, with queue-based tracking and follow-up actions
  • Analysis: Analysis of account and portfolio behaviour to manage risk and maximise opportunities
  • Collections: Efficient collection of outstanding debt at all stages in order to maximise recoveries and customer rehabilitation
  • Loyalty: Encourage account usage and prevent customer attrition through rewards based on transactions and behaviour
  • Account management: Intelligent control of credit limits, re-issue, authorisations, collections and marketing through behaviour scoring and champion/challenger strategies

About EMP Retail Payments Solutions:

Through our unique combination of proven state-of-the-art credit and risk systems, world-class outsourced processing expertise and established customer management solutions, EMP provides clients across Africa with an unsurpassed range of third-party credit and payment processing services.

By partnering with EMP, companies have access to the world’s leading consumer finance platform, VisionPLUS, and are assured of compliance with legislative and regulatory changes without the considerable effort and cost associated with maintaining in-house systems. At the same time, EMP’s clients benefit from the continually evolving platform in order to launch new products and functionality within the shortest of timeframes so that they can take full advantage of market opportunities in a timely manner.

The value of outsourced processing is amplified in Africa due to the limited, shrinking skilled resource base and the volatility of currency exchange rates. Clients gain the advantage of EMP’s economies of scale, experience and expertise whilst benefiting from a usage-based pricing model. Furthermore, the limitations of in-house systems are overcome by the use of world-class system functionality, product support, and scalability allowing Clients to “future proof” their investment.


  • EMP is trusted by leading consumer finance companies to manage billions of Rands in receivables
  • EMP provides a complete end-to-end account processing system across the entire consumer life-cycle
  • Built on a proven platform which manages more than 400 million accounts every day across the globe
  • Account management solutions proven to improve collections results by at least 15%
  • 24x7x365 authorisations and real-time processing
  • EMP processes millions of transactions each month

Retail Payments Solutions’ core processing platform is built around VisionPLUS® from First Data, the most trusted financial transaction processing engine in the world. VisionPLUS is an established and proven multi-currency, multi-language, and highly scalable solution which supports more than 150 leading companies around the globe. Our platform provides a complete consumer finance solution that covers the entire customer life-cycle from customer initiation and application processing through to collections and arrears management.

Clients value our track record, our international ecxperience, and our considerable payments expertise to deliver real business value secure in the knowledge that they have partnered with an organisation backed by the foremost global provider of financial services solutions to the world’s leading banks and consumer finance organisations.