Retail Payments Solutions Services

The success of a business depends on increasing the number of loyal and profitable customers within its portfolio. EMP enables Clients to grow and maximise the lifetime value of their customers by using advanced technology and proven operational processes to exploit market opportunities and thereby contribute to bottom-line growth.

Retail Payments Solutions helps Clients to:

Increase revenues through optimising existing customer relationships Attract new customers with products and pricing tailored to individual Client risk profiles Increase product usage and transaction values with comprehensive loyalty programmes Respond quickly to market opportunities with new products Decrease operational and marketing costs Effectively manage risk within controlled limits Free themselves from technology limitations Maintain compliance in a changing landscape Achieve a single view of their customers across all products and all channels

Credit Life-Cycle

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Retail Payments Solutions Platform Overview

The flexibility of the Retail Payments Solutions platform enables organisations to create unique, differentiated products with precisely the right features and pricing to attract and retain ideal customers. The platform is soft configurable, allowing for rapid product innovation in response to market opportunities and faster time-to-market for promotional campaigns or changes in risk policy. The platform supports a wide range of consumer finance products, including: Revolving credit - association, co-branded and private label credit cards Personal loans - unsecured, secured, fixed-term and variable Asset-backed loans Gift and pre-paid cards Insurance The use of a single consumer finance platform across all of these products enables companies to maximise operational efficiency, improve cross-selling opportunities and enhance enterprise risk management. Furthermore our automated tools and triggers enable Clients to maximise fee and interest income.

Retail Payments Solutions Platform

“VisionPLUS is a complete credit processing solution that supports every stage of the credit lifecycle.”

Core Account Processing

All activities associated with customer accounts are catered for within the core account processing module of Retail Payments Processing platform. The module supports real-time, 24x7 transaction processing and re-calculates the amount available for each new transaction and reflects monetary adjustments immediately. The system automatically performs interest and installment calculations and the ageing of accounts in line with business rules. In addition, seamless integration to banks provides transaction switching, payment acceptance and the collection of debit order mandates, whilst adjusting interest and late fees for returned payments. Customer service teams are empowered to efficiently satisfy customer queries - tracking the progress of new account applications, storing accompanying documents, managing transactions and payments, updating contact information, rescheduling loans and assisting with collections management. All activity is logged with detailed audit trails to ensure optimised operational processes and to minimise potential fraud. As part of any complete solution, EMP provides integration with external business systems such as predictive diallers, call recorders, fax solutions, data warehouses, and general ledgers. In addition, EMP delivers fully integrated statement and letter production services as well as alternate communications channels including SMS, web and email.

Account Management

It is essential to be able to accurately predict the outcome of business strategies in order to maximise reward and minimise risk. EMP’s risk management and portfolio tools help make accurate decisions that protect customer relationships and grow balances, analysing and responding to trends quickly. Powerful behavioural scoring models and strategy tools improve customer segmentation and drive the profitability of each individual customer account through credit limit optimisation, collections and risk-based pricing. TRIAD® users worldwide have reported delinquency reductions of as much as 25%, and are earning up to 30% more in sales and 25% more in interest income.