By customizing its services, EMP can adapt to the processing needs specific to Clients and local markets. Thus, Clients benefit from solutions which are designed to fit their needs rather than having to compromise on inappropriate offerings. This can be particularly important in emerging and national markets where a closed or private label scheme may be best suited to the local economy, or where local visibility and control is often a requirement of Central Banks. In this situation EMP can meet all the requirements for inter-bank processing in a single solution.


EMP offers excellent customer service by providing continuous and uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The modern processing facilities in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Jordan run reliable back-up processing systems in order to maintain service in the event of disruption. This level of service means that Clients can avoid the substantial investment required for systems and operations to provide resilience locally, whilst providing high levels of service to their customers. At a local level, the introduction of offline transaction processing can provide a reliable alternative to conventional card processing where the communications infrastructure may not be dependable.


With over 250 employees, EMP offers professional support services for both business and technical departments 24×7 and delivers these services on a pro-active basis. The services include:

  • First level support Helpdesk for bank customers and staff
  • Lost and stolen card reporting
  • Risk management
  • Voice authorization
  • Second level support to bank staff for queries and disputes
  • ATM and POS monitoring in order to maintain services
  • Technical support in the event of systems problems

Regardless of the Client’s geographic location or local practices, EMP will always be available to provide help, support the business, resolve queries, manage problems and maintain customer service.

Increased Profitability

EMP services are designed to increase a Client’s profitability. This is achieved through:

  • Reduced levels of initial investment required to provide the latest card payment services and technologies
  • Reduced running costs due to the scale economies of using a large processor
  • Access to the latest processing technologies
  • Access to the latest smart card based products
  • Access to the full range of products and services
  • State of the art risk management systems to reduce losses
  • High levels of service for customer satisfaction and loyalty building
  • Access to specialist expertise in smart card payments, processing and systems
  • Most importantly, EMP has the skills to guarantee a timely and successful implementation program, making the most of a Client’s investment, with the earliest opportunity of making the expected returns


EMP is constantly adding new added value services that enable Clients to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. All EMP clients have access to these new services as they become available, without the need for lengthy or expensive developments. In addition, the scope of EMP’s operations means that Clients gain from the expertise gained across a diverse range of markets, as new products and services are developed. Innovations such as mobile commerce, wireless networking, offline transaction processing, and remote PIN printing have all been introduced by EMP to meet needs specific to the region and its markets. Where an appropriate product is not readily available, EMP has the skills and access to technologies that enable it to deliver new products quickly and reliably, adding to its product portfolio.

Competitive Pricing

EMP has undertaken to drive prices down whilst maintaining a first class service to Clients. This claim is based on:

  • Constantly focusing and innovating smart card processing as a core business
  • The use of the latest processing technologies and scale of operations to deliver ongoing economies
  • Developing and exploiting expertise in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East

Client Focus

EMP unrelentingly focuses on the interests of its Clients. EMP is completely independent with respect to the international card Payment Schemes. This, coupled with its special understanding of the region, makes EMP uniquely positioned to provide quality services at competitive prices, with a reputation for integrity, innovation and reliability.